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Certificate Course in Mental Health First Aid (Youth Care)

February 11, 2023

Organized by Learning Bridge Association and taught by instructor Fung Kwai Yee, the “Mental Health First Aid (Youth Edition)” course, hosted by the Hong Kong Mental Health Association, concluded with laughter on February 18th after two consecutive weekends of intensive training, totaling 14 hours.

The course aimed to enhance the mental well-being of participants and equip them with basic principles and the ability to identify high-risk situations when dealing with individuals experiencing emotional or mental health issues. Participants gained confidence and strategies to provide immediate assistance and encourage seeking further professional help, thereby promoting effective mental health first aid support and intervention.

We extend our gratitude to Instructor Fung for delivering the course in a lively and engaging manner. We also thank all the selfless participants for their sharing, which resulted in more laughter than tears!

Thank you all for your support. Learning Bridge Association is continuously expanding its efforts to involve more parents of SEN youth in various sharing activities. Now, let’s take a look at some heartfelt testimonials from the course participants after their learning experience:



“In these past few years, with the impact of social events and the pandemic, everyone has been under varying degrees of stress. Attending this 14-hour course can be described as a ‘timely rain’! Instructor Fung Kwai Yee’s practical experience and real-life case sharing as a parent and professional taught me how to care for those around me, especially teenagers. I learned to approach problems with empathy, participate in volunteer activities, and encourage those in need, including myself.”


If I had taken the mental health first aid course twenty years ago, my son and I wouldn’t have gone through so many unnecessary struggles. I realized that in the past, I wasn’t providing first aid but rather fueling the fire. Thank you to the instructor for sharing their profound experience and expertise.


Grateful for the opportunity to participate in the mental health first aid course. The instructor’s wealth of experience not only taught us how to provide effective mental health first aid but also shared many methods for interacting with SEN children.

Most of the participants in this class are parents of SEN children. During the sessions, they mentioned the challenges faced in educating SEN children and realized how difficult it is to be caregivers for SEN children. They deeply felt the unconditional love that parents have for their children and how great it is. The parents talked about the challenges of raising SEN children and how sometimes their children can be quite “awkward,” but what left a lasting impression is that every time they talked about their children, they did so with a smile on their faces.

In reality, every individual is unique and has their own abilities. As the instructor introduced common mental health issues among youth and mentioned different conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, anxiety, and more, she emphasized the importance of focusing on each person’s unique symptoms rather than categorizing them under different diagnoses. Because every person’s symptoms are unique.

SEN children are truly gifts from above, reminding us that we should not classify them based on mainstream values because every person is a unique and divine blessing.

Once again, thank you to Learning Bridge Association for organizing this free course. We hope to bring the skills we learned to the organizations we serve to support more youth in need!


I participated in and completed the “Mental Health First Aid Course: Youth Edition” organized by Learning Bridge Association on February 11th and 18th, 2023.

I want to express my gratitude to instructor Ms. Fung Kwai Yee for her explanations and the various examples and case studies she shared during the classes. It helped me gain a better understanding of the atypical behaviors of SEN and emotionally troubled youth or children. It has taught me not to view them with judgmental eyes!

The sharing of personal experiences by Instructor Fung has truly benefited us. I learned how to recognize the initial signs of emotional issues in these individuals and how to gradually approach and care for them with the right attitude and tone.

I wish Learning Bridge Association, Instructor Fung, and all the fellow participants the ability to bring blessings to the youth in need, providing them hope and inclusivity on their journey. May they be embraced and have the opportunity to showcase their talents in society! Let them become self-aware, confident, joyful individuals who lead fulfilling lives.

—–Ms Leung

I participated in the Youth Mental Health First Aid course as a caregiver, and through the four sessions, I deepened my understanding of youth mental health. Through multiple case studies and sharing, I gained insights into how to handle mental health emergencies.

I can describe my feelings about the course in some words: gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. I am grateful for the professional guidance of Instructor Fung Kwai Yee. Through her wealth of experience, she presented various case studies, analyzed problems, and demonstrated effective strategies, which provided me with a profound learning experience. I appreciate the opportunity to attend the classes, as it has been immensely helpful for my own family and allows me to assist friends and refer them to relevant organizations when needed. Lastly, I want to express my thanks to Learning Bridge Association for organizing this course and providing us with the opportunity to learn such a professional program.

Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both adults and youth, leading to various mental health issues. Especially for students and youth with special learning needs, I hope that Learning Bridge Association can continue to organize more courses and activities to benefit more individuals in the future.



February 11, 2023
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