Our Team - Dedicated, Adventures People


Founder & Director

Founder and Director of LBA. Glendy is a CEO of a HK Listed company. Despite her busy and tight schedule, she is truly passionate about helping Neurodiveristy at large especially in bridging Neurodiversity youth to work environment beneficial for both the corporations and the youngsters. It is also her mission to help those youth to transit into a meaningful adulthood.


Co-founder & Director

Co-founder and Director of LBA. Ian is responsible for LBA’s IT setup and system management and staff coaching on IT and database skills. He also provides LBA innovative ideas and suggestions in promoting awareness of Neurodiversity and LBA.


Executive Director

Bonnie is a proficient educator and has over 8-year experience as senior management of an organization focused in Neurodiversity children. Bonnie now oversees the day-to-day operations of LBA, implements fundraising strategies and budgets, advocates Neurodiversity awareness and develops programs to support Neurodiversity youth and their families.



Christie is involved in LBA’s digital marketing, website maintenance and designing of the marketing materials.


Head of Talent Acquisition

Connie Chan, with decades of experience across sectors, excels in regulatory compliance, ensuring organizational integrity and legal adherence. Her strong coordination skills streamline operations and drive productivity, while her financial analysis expertise aids in informed decision-making and resource optimization, ensuring long-term success for the organizations she serves.


Project Manager

She has experience in working with Neurodiversity youth. Dionne is a Giver by natural and every youngster likes her dearly. She is responsible for the projects’ operation and works closely with corporations, organizations and beneficiaries in the job matchings.