Founding Members & Directors

Glendy CHOI

Founder & Director

Glendy is currently an executive director and CEO of a Hong Kong listed company. She has more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure and environmental equipment manufacturing. She is the winner of the 2016 Hong Kong Young Industrialist Award. Glendy is also a mother of a youth with Neurodiversity. As her daughter began to step into the society, she realized that the society and enterprises has misconception on Neurodiversity, as well as the derailment between the education system and actual employment skills, which prevented Neurodiversity youth from getting due opportunities to develop their unique potential and strengths. In mid-2021, with her belief and the passion to help others, Glendy founded Learning Bridge Association, hoping to become a bridge for Neurodiversity youth and help them connect with society. She hopes to combine her experience in the business world and as a Neurodiversity parent, to make contribution to a diverse and inclusive society in the future.

Ian OH

Co-Founder & Director

Ian has been engaged in the IT industry for many years and has extensive experience in information system and data management. Ian is Glendy's husband and has always been very in the establishment of a charity organization to help Neurodiversity people and their families. With his experience in the field of computer information and as a father of a Neurodiversity youth, he believes that Neurodiversity people are very suitable for many types of jobs in the digital age, and their characteristics can be an advantage in these jobs, LBA plans to build a work space - LBHub, which provides Neurodiversity youth to develop their talents in various fields of IT work, so that they can work in the actual office setting while learning workplace knowledge and improving work skills.

Kenny YIU


Kenny Yiu is an investment professional with experience in private equity, venture capital and M&A activities. He is also a director at Food Angel, a Hong Kong based food rescue and charity meal program. He is passionate about unlocking potential and expanding possibility for Neurodiversity youth.

Christie OH

Founding Member

Christie is the eldest daughter of Ian and Glendy. After graduating from university in UK, she returned to Hong Kong to work and had worked in an accounting firm and an environmental consulting firm. She is now engaged in environmental conservation research. Christie is three years and few months older than her sister Stephanie who has Neurodiversity. When she was a child, Christie didn't know how to get along with her sister. She always felt that her sister was unreasonable and often cried. When she grew up, she gradually understood the difficulties of Neurodiversity people and learned to be considerate and tolerant. Christie knows that most people in the society, like she did before, view Neurodiversity people from a one-sided lens without trying to understand them, and hence naturally don't know how to appreciate their advantages. The society should give Neurodiversity young people the opportunity to develop their talents with a more open attitude, so that they can truly participate in the society.