Our Mission

Bridging Neurodiversity Youth to Society:

We have a mission to help young adults with Neurodiversity to connect with the community and prepare them for the real-life working environment with confidence. It serves as a link from youth to a meaningful adulthood.

Target Group

Young adults with Neurodiversity such as SPLD, Dyslexia, ASD and ADHD are often socially challenged and confined to a future of low-level jobs. Individuals with moderate to severe learning difficulties could struggle with advancing their education into post-secondary under the current education system. This further hinders their chance to develop into contributive members of society.

What We Do

Learning Bridge believes that all Neurodiversity individuals deserve more exciting opportunities than their perceived status quo. Below is a summary of what we do:

  Increase corporates’ awareness and willingness to provide job opportunities to differently-abled Neurodiversity individuals.

  Match Neurodiversity individuals to corporates and jobs that fit their potential in order to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  Provide continuous job coaching and support for Neurodiversity individuals and awareness training for corporate staff.

Our Team - Dedicated, adventures people


Founder & Director


Co-founder & Director




Project Manager


Administrative Assistant

Impact Partnership

Learning Bridge is currently working with a range of partners such as social enterprises, NGOs and private companies in the IT and manufacturing sector. The work at our current stage of development includes planning employment or placement for SEN youth and exploring potential collaboration opportunities with partners that are also in the social impact field.
Towards the start of 2022, we aim to initiate the next phase where we perform job matching, provide on-and-off job support for SEN youth, and conduct awareness training for the company staff. We also aim to have a physical and online presence where we can host joint events with partners supporting the same cause to create more public awareness and engagement. We expect that our partnerships will continue to expand.

We Need Your Help!

Currently, Learning Bridge is looking to expand our presence online and offline to promote public awareness for our work. If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteering for us by creating content on social media or other marketing efforts, please contact us at dionneip@learningbridgehk.org or WhatsApp us on +852 9180 6982, Thank You!