In recent years, the advocacy for diversity and inclusion in both the workplace and wider society has gained momentum. While areas such as gender and racial equality have seen progress, some areas are still falling short.

I have worked in the commercial sector for many years and I am also a mother of a youth with Special Education Needs (SEN). As my daughter approached adulthood, I realised the extent of misunderstanding towards SEN youth, and the severe inability of the education system to equip them with skills relevant to the current job market. This phenomenon hinders their ability to develop their talents to the full potential and deprives the society of the many unique skill sets that they can offer.

SEN youth should not be regarded as a burden to society — we need to ensure that society has a complete and correct view towards SEN youth by raising awareness; and encourage businesses to embrace their capabilities by providing them with career opportunities with an open-mindset. In doing so, I believe that our SEN youth can become contributing members of the society, thus finding meaning and fulfilment in their lives.

I founded Learning Bridge with the mission to bridge SEN youth to the society. I hope to utilise my experience in the commercial sector and my insight with being a SEN parent, to contribute towards building a more diverse and inclusive society. We hope to have your support during this journey, thank you.

Glendy CHOI - Founder & Director of LBA