The first “S.E.N. Carnival in China” was held from November 10-12 at Tamar Park, Hong Kong。。。

One of our highlights was the art jamming by MiMeMa with students from Kei Shun School. The paintings will be auctioned off at the JC Legal 6th Anniversary Charity Auction with proceeds from the auction in support of Artists for Communities (A4C).

Despite the rainy weather during the Carnival, we had to continue the event. In the T-shirt creation session, young artist Melody Ngai injected her love for cats into the T-shirt by drawing a large cat as the blueprint.

The grand finale of the event was a big oil painting art jamming session with renowned Hong Kong artist Ms Prudence Au, which attracted a lot of people from all walks of life.

Of course, there was also our special guest, Director Siu of the film "The Normal Exceptional". We would like to thank the organizer Hello Cocoa for joining hands with 20 organizations to set a goal, Let the World see S.E.N. We would like to thank the organizer Hello Cocoa for their hard work and dedication.

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