Learning Bridge is On its Move!

Following the CAPSI activity last week by which the students from VTC Shine Skills Centre were led to visit Lenovo in Science Park;

LBA visited C.C.C Kei Shun Special School on 20-Oct-2023 with the volunteer team from Julius Bär Care.

The students were so happy since the volunteers from Julius Bär brought gifts to them.

In the beginning, 2 colleagues who had just entered the banking industry shared some reminders in the workplace, leading them to go through some activities. Their learning outcomes were to let the students know more about financial management, how to prevent scams and some simple operations in the banking industry. Principal YIU even praised that the volunteers from Julius Bär made full preparations for the sessions of role play and had the potential to become special education teachers! They were exciting and everyone was deeply engaged.

Principal YIU and Vice Principal LEE led the volunteer team to visit the school building, which was an eye-opening experience for the volunteers.

Thanks to C.C.C Kei Shun Special School for opening her door to us and accompanying volunteers from Julius Bär to participate in different activities so as to raise awareness of SEN people in various industries and achieve a consensus on social inclusion.

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