On September 13, 2023, Learning Bridge Association launched the CAPSI (Corporate Awareness Program for SEN Inclusivity) event at Julius Baer. The purpose of CAPSI is to allow big, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong to increase their awareness of the employment development needs of young adults with SEN. We especially arranged a special guest, Isaac, the son of Bonnie, the administrative director of Learning Bridge Association, who returned to Hong Kong from Australia for vacation and took time to attend this event. Isaac shared his own childhood experience, growth story, and experience with ADHD. Describing the difficulties he faced, Executive Director Bonnie also shared the characteristics of different young adults with SEN. Lastly, founder Glendy shared how companies can culturally integrate and adjust their working environment when hiring young adults with SEN to cater to their abilities.

He continued his own academic pathway in Australia.
Issac had a peculiarity of arranging plastic bottles in a straight line and was reluctant to wear thigh-high socks.
She also shared some characteristics of young adults with SEN.
He also developed his passion for cooking.
Bonnie said Issac was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in the year 2020.
Bonnie got across the sensitive periods in early brain development (especially pre-school years and school years).
After her sharing, the founder Glendy introduced the purpose of Learning Bridge Association and gave some examples of how young adults with SEN developed their talents in their workplaces through the guidance of Learning Bridge Association.
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